It’s hard at times to keep up your pace with the contemporary ideas and designs for revamping your living room space. There are numerous ideas which are introduced with a bang, but soon they are nowhere to be seen as people do go for the other better options in the market. There are some sustaining contemporary ideas too which are safe and you must make the most of them for giving a modern contemporary look to your living room space. You must think wisely and act smartly when choosing anything to be stuffed in your living room space.

Lighting Designs

The contemporary living room settings demand a lot of light to brighten up the room. The contemporary style demands lights over colors to make an impression of the room. The people usually spend most of their time in the living room for reading, watching TV or using different gadgets for different purposes. The proper amount of light is highly desirable to give a proper contemporary touch to your living room. The yellow light source is highly trending and you may choose to go for some decorative lamps as well as the light source mounted in the side walls and the ceilings. The swing arm lamps that are mounted to the side walls are ideal as they make sure that none of the corner of your living room is dim without light.

Decorating with Mirrors

Mirrors are the essential component for contemporary designing of the rooms. The gilt decorative mirrors are highly preferable, and they can very aesthetically occupy the wall space of your living room. There are numerous mirror art masterpieces as well, which can make any living room look exceptionally magnificent with great charm and beauty. The massive mirrors are also trending and they are desirable in living rooms which are congested or relatively smaller in size. They can be exploited in an artistic way to make the room look bigger and attractive.


The wooden floor is the best thing to have installed in your living room. The modern contemporary houses look flourishing with wooden floors. The wooden floors today can be exploited in a number of ways to make them look more beautiful. You can play with the different color shades, design patterns and styling of the wooden floors to make them look just the way you want. However, the natural wood color and tone is more inviting and offers a nice aesthetic touch to your living room space. Using carpets either limited or wall to wall are not desirable in the contemporary setting. Small rugs may be used just to add some different sense of styling to the room.

Upholstery Items

The upholstery products such as your couches, cushions and curtains etc are highly rated when designing your interior. Light colors are preferable these days, chenille upholstery fabric is a popular choice. You do however have the flexibility to choose the material according to the climatic conditions of your region and of course, personal taste.